It’s always diheartening to look outside at your lawn and spot those pesky weeds. Weed control can be difficult if you don’t know exactly what kinds
of weeds your lawn is faced with or what kind of weed killer products will be effective. This makes a do-it-yourself weedkiller project a very difficult one.

Remember: healthy, vigorous lawn grass is the best weed deterrent.

Types of weeds

There are two main types of weeds that pose a threat to your lawn:
Perennial weeds can resprout and grow again even after repeated attempts to eliminate them because their storage organs are at or below the surace of the soil. Perennial weeds are very resilient and can live up to two years, or longer. They survive adverse weather conditions easily and it’s very easy for them to
reproduce quickly.

Annual Weeds tend to germinate and come out at times of the year when preemergent weed control is not active, making them very difficult to control. Annual weeds life cycle only lasts for one season, but because of their germinating timing, this makes them especially difficult to control.

Put simply, weeds are difficult to eliminate. So what is the plan of action for weed control? First, the weeds must be identified and then a plan of action with a preemergent weed control that best suits the types of weeds found in the lawn is put into place. For instance, if perennials are your problem a Dreamlawns certified lawn specialist can schedule the appropriate preemergents to use. Likewise, if annual weeds are your problem, these may require more than one application of the preemergent to keep them at bay. It’s a lot to take on, enlisting the services of a Dremlawns specialist will be well worth your time & money. Our licensed technicians have over 70 years of combined experience providing the best-customized lawn treatments for the Hampton Roads area. We know what works locally!

With our basic lawn care package if you ever see any broadleaf weeds come up in your lawn between applications feel free to contact our office for a no-charge weed control check and we will be out to your property to reapply if necessary. This program, coupled with your good watering and mowing efforts, provides your turf grass with all the basics for a beautiful and healthy lawn throughout Virginia’s growing season. Seasons Available Winter Spring Summer Fall.

Don’t take weed control in your own hands, call on the local Virginia Beach lawn experts Dreamlawns and say goodbye to weeds and hello to a healthier
greener lawn.

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