Testing Your Lawn Soil PH

Know Your Soil's PH & When to Use Lime Lime is a natural way for you to make your lawn healthier and stronger. It's an organic material that decomposes easily and releases calcium and other minerals, which help make the soil more fertile. The way that lime works [...]

Fall is here!

Don't let your lawn suffer! If you live in Hampton Roads, Virginia, it's time to take special care of your lawn so it will survive the winter season. How to prepare for winter? You should: Fertilize your lawn. Rake leaves and keep them off the grass. Prune any [...]

6 Mosquito Beliefs – Fact or Fiction?

Summer months are mosquitoes favorite time of year and when they are the most active. You'll receive a lot of advice about mosquitoes from family, friends,  and neighbors so Dreamlawns decided to explore some of the beliefs and debunk the myths from the truths: Eat LOTS of garlic - [...]

Mulching Virginia Beach Lawns

Now's a Great Time to Mulch Your Lawn The Benefits of Mulching & How to Pick the Right Type of Mulch Material From Blah to Beautiful. Mulch instantly gives your landscape a beautiful finished look, but the benefits go way beyond that. Here are a few ways [...]

Virginia Beach Winter Lawn Care

Growing Season Comes to an End, But Our Work Doesn't Shorter days and cooler temperatures signal the end of the growing season. We're wrapping up our aeration and seeding season, although the  warm soil temperatures will allow seeds to sprout for several more weeks. New grass needs as [...]

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Looking for the Perfect Gift?

Lawn Care Gift Certificates are a great idea! Having trouble finding that perfect gift for a good friend, neighbor, or family member? Perhaps  you a real estate agent that would like to something original to give your clients as a home warming gift or for the Holiday days? It's [...]

Fall Lawn Weed Control & Why It’s Important

Prime Time for Weed Control in Virginia Beach Fall is upon us (although with these amazing beautiful days in Hampton Roads we wouldn't know it) and did you know that Autumn is the best season for weed control? Tired of looking at all the weeds in your lawn? Don't [...]

Why is Lime Important for Virginia Lawns?

Lawn soils in Virginia are naturally acidic. Soil pH's levels between 4.5-6.3 are common in areas that have not been limed. A pH of 5.0 might be good for some fruits and flowering shrubs like blueberries and azaleas, this level is to acidic for most lawns. When Do I [...]

Winter is Coming! Is your Lawn Ready?

Aerate & Fertilize Before the first frost fall, make sure to aerate your lawn. Aerating your lawn will allow it to breathe before the grass goes dormant and relieve any compaction that has built up during the summertime. After you’ve aerated your lawn, it’s time to fertilize. Fertilizing your [...]

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