For the many DIY’ers out there here are a few tips about avoiding the top 4 fertilizing blunders:

When it comes to fertilizing your lawn, mistakes are easy to make! Avoid these mistakes or better yet call in the professionals so you don’t need to worry about a beautiful lawn!

Test the Soil Not testing the soil would be similar to a Doctor giving a treatment plan before he’s diagnosed the problem. The best time to test your soil is early Spring just before your lawn comes out of dormancy & don’t collect samples after fertilizing. This will skew the results

Using Too Much Fertilizer Less is more in this case when it comes to fertilizing. Lawn grasses only need a certain amount of food. More isn’t always better. Excessive grass fertilizer will create too much thatch, which will ultimately choke your lawn

Timing is Everything You’ve got to have a schedule! You should fertilize when you think your lawn needs it, when you have time or when fertilizer is on sale. If you are going to one application of fertilizer do it around Labor Day, when your lawn is hungriest. Twice per year add a second helping in October, 3rd application, add mid to late spring (combined with Crabgrass preventer) and a 4th application if you need one should be applied mid summer. The weather is a factor in the summer, fertilizing during hot, humid weather can harm your lawn. Be sure to only add 1/2 the normal amount in a Spring application.

The Spread Matters Use fertilizer responsibly. Don’t apply close to wetlands, rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. We want to grow grass not aquatic weeds. Adding fertilizing nutrients to these types of bodies of water can create weed growth and algae blooms. Clean up after fertilizing otherwise rains will wash it into the water. And remember if the ground is still frozen don’t apply fertilizer

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