While we are all spending more time at home and outside summer is the time mosquitoes are going to be an uninvited guest. Mosquitoes typically lurk when the temperature overnight remains above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity and high temperatures make it the perfect habitat for mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes can put a damper on any outside event. Get ahead of a mosquito infestation by checking for these signs that mosquitoes are laying their eggs near by in your outdoor space.

  • Standing Water on Your Property

    Mosquitoes are attracted to areas with standing water. Standing water is an ideal location for the female mosquito to lay her eggs so they will survive. The frightening thing about this is that one female mosquito can lay hundreds of eggs at one time. This means if your infestation isn’t treated correctly and quickly it could get out of control very quickly.

  • You See Them During the Daytime

    Mosquitoes are known to wreak havoc at night. This is because mosquitoes generally do most of their hunting after the sun goes down. Mosquitoes enjoy being in the shade. If you have a mosquito infestation you might begin finding them in shaded areas during the day as well as the evening.

  • Humidity

    Besides thriving in an area with standing water mosquitoes also love the humidity.

  • You Notice Your Getting Bit

    Female mosquitoes need blood to produce their eggs. If you find yourself being bitten at the backyard BBQ this is a sign that female mosquitoes are laying their eggs near by.