Lawn soils in Virginia are naturally acidic. Soil pH’s levels between 4.5-6.3 are common in areas that have not been limed. A pH of 5.0 might be good for some fruits and flowering shrubs like blueberries and azaleas, this level is to acidic for most lawns.

When Do I Lime the Lawn?

Although many lawn chores require a certain time of year, liming can be done anytime. Liming is one of the most inexpensive ways to improve soil conditions. By liming the soil it allows more nutrients to become available to plants. Proper soil pH encourages microbes to convert nitrogen to a plant usable form.

In simple terms, homeowners will get more for their fertilization dollars if the pH is levels are correct.

How Do I Know What My Soil pH is?

Soil testing! Dreamlawns soil test will identify the soil’s pH and nutrient levels. Then we will recommend the best action for a beautiful lawn based on the pH level test results. It can get a little technical (that’s what our lawn treatment experts are for) but pH is not the only factor. Total amounts of clay and organic matter in the soil come in to play as well as the kind of clay. These types of soils require more lime to increase pH levels.

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