Before we begin our aeration process here are some tips you can do prior to our arrival that will allow for the best aeration and seeding possible:

  • This will be the only time we’ll ask for mowing this short, mow the grass 1.5 to 2 inches or ask your mowing service to do this for you. Make sure to bag, blow or rake up clippings if required. Mowing short allows for greater seed soil contact and you won’t need to mow again for several weeks allowing the grass to establish.
  • Because our machines perform best in dry conditions, its best to lightly irrigate your lawn in the absence of rain. The ground should be slightly moist but not soaking wet when the lawn aeration process is performed.
  • Flagging subsurface objects is important, items like sprinkler heads, any shallow electrical lines or water pipes. You can purchase wire flags from any hardware store or online at Amazon if your an online buyer. Wire flags are the best tool for marking and place them directly on top of the object you are marking. You might think that spray paint is a good idea, but don’t use paint please, it’s not a very good marker for the aeration process.
  • Do you have an invisible dog fence? Invisible dog fences can be easily damaged by an aerator because they are very shallow. If your dog fence isn’t already marked every 2-3 feet representing the location of the wire please ask the dog fence company to do this for you.
  • We know you might have a lot of items in the yard since we’ve all been spending a lot of time at home. If you could remove any movable objects from the lawn, such as lawn furniture, children’s toys etc. this will save us time in you lawn aeration process.

A Dreamlawns team member will leave detailed instructions on the care of your lawn after Aeration & Seeding. In a short time you will have a beautiful lawn!

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