Spring is almost here, and in many parts of the country it’s time to think “lawn.” That means it’s time to check your lawn mower to be sure it’s ready to cut grass. When the mower was stored for the winter, it should have been cleaned and the gasoline drained.
However, here are a few hints if you didn’t:

Look underneath: Caked and gunked with grass? Scrape off what you can and clean with a brush.

Check the air filter. It’s probably dirty and clogged. Replace it — it’s usually cheap!

Dull blades mean a dull mowing job! Unless you are the handy type and can sharpen the blades yourself, let a pro do it.

The importance of having sharp blades goes beyond aesthetics. When the blade is dull it stresses the plant which also makes it more susceptible to disease. When your blade is dull it makes your mowing have a white appearance and the tip is torn. How often you need to sharpen depends on the size of your lawn and how often you mow. A rule of thumb would be to monitor the up close and far away appearance. If it looks like clean even cut you will know!
Up close photo of a lawn mowed with a dull blade.
From Popular Science Magazine



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