Reasons to Be Happy it rained after your lawn care treatment

Reasons to Be Happy it rained after your lawn care treatment

1. Granular application products need to dissolve to work.

Granular fertilizers and granular lime products are broken down and pushed into the soil by rainfall and irrigation.

Even heavy rainfall for prolonged periods will not wash away granules in the turf. The small pellets are caught between grass blades, thatch, and root mass.

Remember, if your lawn treatment is applied and it doesn’t rain for two days, then it pours rain, it is the same as if it had rained immediately after the application. The lawn will do just fine.

2. Liquid products are 100% effective if they have a chance to dry on leaf tissue prior to rainfall.

Depending on heat the weather these applications can dry in as little as fifteen minutes.

We also mix in a surfactant, helping the products remain on leaf tissue in the event of rain.

3. Rain will actually speed the process of turf growth and weed control.

After rain weeds and grass have an accelerated growth rate.

This helps weeds to absorb the weed control and expedites the dying process.

It also helps turf absorb fertilizer and produce new, green growth.