Bee Friendly Mosquito  Control

Dreamlawns is proud to offer Virginia Beach and all Hampton Roads cities the latest in environmentally safe mosquito control. While advances in traditional mosquito control have dramatically reduced impact on non-target pests and pollinators, not treatments have been able to guarantee their safety. The NEW Mosquito Green System by Dreamlawns has changed the game. It’s the first system to use a biological control agent to kill mosquitoes, Mosquito Green system deploys a US-EPA-approved fungus that kills the mosquitoes several days after infection, even preventing disease transmission. All this with absolutely zero impact on the surrounding environment.

Dreamlawns is committed to eliminating any and all mosquitoes, while minimizing negative impact to the surrounding environment.

  • Kills all larvae inside the Mosquito Green System

  • Kills larvae in surrounding breeding sites

  • Kills exposed mosquitoes

  • Stops virus development

  • Green innovation – reduced chemical use

  • 100% Pet-friendly

  • 24/7 protection

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“SafeHaven Pest Control incorporated In2Care Traps into our 2018 mosquito program as a stand-alone service as well as in our bundled pest and mosquito services plans. In2Care traps became a big motivator for our clients to upgrade to larger SafeHaven bundled service plans. As a result our clients reported fewer mosquitoes, and our callbacks reduced, increasing our profit margins.

Our technicians found the In2Care traps easy to set up and maintain. We will continue to offer In2Care as an integral part of our mosquito control program next year.”

Michael Bosco
SafeHaven Pest Control

“I have no doubt this revolutionary product will assist other resorts experiencing similar mosquito challenges, as well as local communities including remote locations where some of the diseases do exist. I highly recommend In2care Mosquito Traps to anyone wanting an alternative control measure to overcome an influx of Mosquito activity.”

Helen Regan
General Manager
Tropica Island Resort, Fiji Islands

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