Pest Control Lawn Care

Flea & Tick Pest Control

Pest Control Lawn Care

Pest Control Lawn Care

Fleas and ticks can multiply rapidly and can infest pets, people, and even the inside of your home. For best control, we recommend consistent treatments of
insecticide in the lawn, while treating your pets and even inside the home if needed. 7 visits are recommended from spring through fall.

Pest control services from Dreamlawns are aimed at ridding the perimeter of your house of all sorts of bugs, including ants, crickets, spiders and various
multi-legged pests. Dreamlawns pest removal services reduce bugs from your home’s exterior and foundation. Our Perimeter Pest Control Services Program
will build a protection barrier with treatment of your home’s foundation and edges. Even if you don’t know what the creepy-crawlies are exactly, our lawn pest services will help decrease them and make sure they do not come back.

Pests are not only annonying and scary, but they can be detrimental to your family’s health as well as you pets. Some pests cause allergic reactions while
others may carry diseases. Insects are also responsible for the cause of a lot of property damage.

Types of Pests:

Boxelder bugs
Clover mites
Non-nesting carpenter ants

Dreamlanwns can inspect your property for a free evaluation and provide you with the best pest service plan. Our trained technicians will identify conditions in
the environment that could result in infestations. You can target bugs before they threaten your home and family with Dreamlawns pest control. Lots of bugs
may live and breed in your lawn before trying to get into your home. Check our our Lawn Care Services and get a FREE online quote today!