Mosquito Control

mosquito control virginia beach

Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control

Our unique Mosquito Control is effective on a wide range of mosquito types, including hard-to-control urban species.

Our outdoor Mosquito Control will help you take back your yard by effectively shutting down mosquitoes and help you take back your yard. Not only does this effective Mosquito Control solution kill mosquitoes where they live and breed — it’s safe around kids, pets and for the environment. With monthly treatments, your family is protected all season long.

Mosquito Bites

The female mosquitoes are the ones that bite because they require a blood meal in order to produce eggs. Otherwise mosquitoes feed on sugary nectar for energy. Mosquitoes can bite at anytime of the day or evening, this makes avoiding mosquito bites difficult and a plan for effective mosquito control for your yard that much more important

Call today about for more information on our mosquito control program, it can be added to an existing lawn care package or purchased individually. You can also get a FREE online quote for the mosquito control program.