Spraying For Mosquitoes

We know you don’t want to spend your Staycation this summer worried about the dangers and aggravations of mosquitoes. Our NEW Mosquito Green System with its patented technology for transferring high doses of biocides to flying insects will alleviate your worries.

Take Your Yard Back

Mosquitoes don’t just make you itch they spread a variety of diseases through their bites. At Dreamlawns we want to educate you and spread awareness of the dangers of having mosquitoes living on your property. While we are known for amazing lawn care our team is diversified in pest control too! We want you to be able to enjoy your family Staycation this year in your yard mosquito free in the safest, environmentally friendly way possible.

See How Our Revolutionary New Mosquito Green System Works

Pests like mosquitoes & ticks bother our pets too! Some pests carry Heartworm. Our furry friends get irritated by mosquito bites and experience itching just like we do. A big concern for our furry friends is not only mosquito borne & tick borne diseases but also the spread of Heartworm. Protecting them from mosquito bites is the best way to reduce the risk of Heartworm infection.

Added Benefits Compared to Current Methods

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Refer your neighbor (friend, family, co-worker) and receive $25.00 credit on your Dreamlawns account when they sign up for the basic program.