If you plan now and apply crabgrass controller you can have a beautiful lawn that’s almost entirely free of this common, ugly but unwanted weed.

When to Apply the Crabgrass Controller

The time to apply Crabgrass Controller is now! This is very important! If you don’t apply the crabgrass controller early in the season, many seeds will already have sprouted and your prevention efforts are weakened or even doomed. This is the biggest mistake people make in controlling crabgrass. Another application is suggested for later in the year (around June) to prevent crabgrass seeds form sprouting You should also think about putting down another application later in the year to prevent later crabgrass seeds from sprouting.

What is Crabgrass?

Crabgrass may seem like a plant that never dies but it’s actually an “annual plant, so it doesn’t survive the winter & instead dies off each year with new plants sprouting from seeds.
Crabgrass has low spreading stems that are very thin and broad flat leaves that spread out from the center. Crabgrass is one of the most common weed with two main species in the U.S. If you see Crabgrass it’s likely your lawn needs some attention.

Crabgrass is a Symptom of a Potentially Bigger Problem

A healthy lawn with dense grass can actually choke out crabgrass and prevent it from sprouting and taking root, but even a healthy lawn can have a few bare spots that leave a place for crabgrass to take root. But if you have more than a few plants, it’s time to get serious if you value a nice-looking lawn. We won’t go into all the things you should keep in mind for lawn care, but the biggest mistake we see is cutting the lawn too short. We favor keeping lawns cut to 3″ – 3.5″ in the spring and fall and 4″ – 4.5” in the summer, but find that most people cut their lawns much shorter. And by the way, a lawn that’s left longer actually grows slower than a short lawn, so you don’t have to cut it quite as often. If you aren’t cutting your grass too short, large amounts of crabgrass are a sign of lawn problems that require your attention, but we don’t have space to discuss those in this article

Use a “Pre-Emergent” Controller

Back to what you need to do this spring… The important thing to remember is that crabgrass can sprout before grass seed, and that it can keep sprouting for many weeks. Crabgrass starts to sprout when the soil temperature is only 54 degrees, while most desirable grasses require temperatures in the low ’60s. This means that if seeds for lawn grass and crabgrass are both sitting in that bare spot in your lawn, the crabgrass gets a head start of at least a week or two, and sometimes longer. This is why you need to act early in the year to control crabgrass, by applying a “pre-emergent” controller.

The term pre-emergent simply means that it is used before the plant fully emerges, or starts to take root, instead of killing the plant once it starts to grow. A single crabgrass plant can produce over 150,000 seeds, so stopping the seed from properly sprouting is one of the only ways to control a large amount of crabgrass.

Remember we don’t mow we grow, but we have plenty of reputable lawn mowing companies we can refer you to and if you need help with eliminating Crabgrass from your lawn give us a call or go online and sign up for our



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