Summer months are mosquitoes favorite time of year and when they are the most active. You’ll receive a lot of advice about mosquitoes from family, friends,  and neighbors so Dreamlawns decided to explore some of the beliefs and debunk the myths from the truths:

  • Eat LOTS of garlic – you’ll not only scare vampires but mosquitoes too!
  • A Mosquito will die after it bites you
  • Eating certain food can repel mosquitoes naturally

Everyone has a theory and Dreamlawns decided to answer the most pressing mosquito questions, the results may surprise you!

Belief 1: Every mosquito can bite you (male or female)

Many think this is true, but actually it’s only the female mosquito because they need the nutrients in the blood to produce eggs. Male mosquitoes actually only eat plant matter

Belief 2: Beer & Wine drinkers attract more mosquitoes

We can confirm, this is really up in the air! A small study was done showing that Mosquitoes are attracted to high levels of carbon dioxide, elevated temperatures and lactic acid all of which increase in our bodies when we drink alcohol, particularly fermented beverages like beer and wine. But more research needs to be done to make this an absolute positive.

Belief 3: Citronella candles will protect you

Citronella is an ingredient that can cover up or mask the chemicals that humans secrete that make them attractive to mosquitoes. Citronella as a very limited area in which it can help to keep the blood suckers away

Belief 4: All over the counter bug & mosquito sprays work

There are a plethora of products on the market to deter bugs including mosquitoes, the bug sprays proven to be most effective against mosquitoes are those that use DEET or diethyltouluamide, it’s a pesticide so if you don’t like using those on your children or yourself you’ll want a new plan.

Belief 5: Wear lighter clothing and you’ll be less likely to get bitten by a mosquito

This is true, researchers have declared that mosquitoes are most attracted to colors that are the most similar to animals that the insects usually prey upon, which are large dark colored mammals.

Belief 6: Call Dreamlawns and don’t worry about all the myths

This is true, Dreamlawns has a revolutionary new mosquito Green program that you are going to love! Call today and claim your backyard back!

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