We love supporting our community

We love supporting our community

We love supporting our community & are proud to have been a participant in this years “Give a Hero’s Welcome” Backyard Makeover.

As many of you know, Hampton Roads is home to one of the largest concentrations of Department of Defense personnel in the United States. Hampton Roads also has the largest naval base in the world, the only NATO command on U.S. soil and the presence of all five military services, operating forces, and major commands. A significant portion (5.5%) of the region’s population serves in the military. It is because of this relationship between the military and the region that Mike’s Hard Lemonade partnered with FM99 and the Boot Campaign for the “2016 Mike’s Give A Hero’s Welcome” backyard makeover, a multi-platform promotion that gave a backyard makeover to one active military servicewoman. FM99 encouraged listeners to visit their website and complete a written nomination form for a military person or gold star family that they believed best deserved to be awarded a backyard makeover. The program was unique in the fact that 100% of the materials and services used to create this $60,000 backyard were donated by local suppliers and contractors like Dreamlawns.

The Boot Campaign received over 150 nominations. The Boot Campaign then had the responsibility of consolidating those 150 nominations down to 10 finalists. The recipient was Leanna Shipps of Hampton, VA. Below is an insert from Leanna’s nomination form.

Please describe how the nominee brings ‘flavor to life’ in everything they do! Why does the nominee deserve a Backyard Refresh?

For the short time I have known Leanna, she has always put others before herself. Whether at work or for personal matters she is always willing to drop everything and lend a hand no matter the time or situation. Almost a year ago Leanna’s husband ended his life. True to the person I’ve
come to admire, Leanna pours her energy and free time into her nine year daughter, Grace, juggling the hardships of losing a her husband and the everyday struggles of homework, playground social dynamics and being a nine year old girl. Leanna, and Grace, deserve a backyard where they can relax, be with friends, and support the warmth and healing both girls need and deserve.

On July 30th MHL and The Boot Campaign held a ribbon cutting ceremony for Leanna at her home in Hampton, VA. FM99 covered the event via on-location live remote. The event was attended by over 50 of Leanna’s friends and family, as well as many business partners and sponsors. We couldn’t be happier to have been a contributing partner in making Leann’s dream come to life!

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