Flea and Tick Season is Here – Be Prepared!

In this guide, we will study how timely preparation can help you protect your beloved pets during the flea and tick season. A bit of prevention can go a long way in keeping your pets safe and healthy.

How to prepare for the flea season
Fleas and ticks are often hard to prevent and control, especially since they are able to thwart even the most professional methods and efforts of pest control. Additionally, and rather unfortunately, we humans are directly responsible for bringing these tiny pests inside our homes, mainly during the flea and tick season. We unknowingly create an environment that is conducive to the growth and well being of these parasites.

People in urban areas often wonder how their pets acquire fleas despite not being in contact with other animals. The answer lies in the fact that owners are usually walking the pet near tall grasses, weeds, trees etc. These trails/areas are invariably swarming with fleas and ticks and often the city public park maintenance is not up to required standards. The grass is rarely mowed or trimmed to a proper height. All this leads pets to be infested with fleas, ticks and other parasites. Therefore, it is essential for pet owners to provide clean, well maintained and hygienic surroundings for their pet, especially during the beginning of tick and flea season.

Let us look at some important ways of achieving this:
• Refuse and garbage areas must be sealed, tightly shut and kept as clean as possible. This will limit wild animals from inhabiting these areas, so that there is lesser likelihood of them bringing in fleas and ticks.
• Bird baths and feeders also bring in ticks and fleas during the flea season. Try and limit these visitors in your yard and prevent them from sharing your pet’s food or water.
• Lawns, trees and bushes must be well-trimmed. Garden fences may be used for limiting the pets’ access to the garden areas.
• There are many flea and tick preventing solutions and sprays available for outdoor usage. An example is the beneficial nematodes solution that can be sprayed around the garden to prevent fleas and ticks during the season.
• If you pet is housed inside dog houses/kennels, make sure you clean these from time to time as these can be breeding grounds for parasites. Inside your home too, make use of diatomaceous earth powder or Borax powder on carpets, rugs and pet bedding to kill fleas, eggs and larvae.
• As per your vet’s advice, do use flea/tick shampoos, drops, powders or pills for the pets before the flea and tick season arrives, as these can also help prevent many parasitic infestations.

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Mosquitoes and ticks are going to eat us all alive this summer

Much of the United States is expecting higher than average mosquito numbers this year.
This winter, as occasional cold snaps were outnumbered by weirdly balmy days, the Pop Sci offices had a running theory that come spring time we might be contending with buggy madness—enough mosquitoes to keep everyone firmly indoors, or at least coated in DEET.
“Whoever bet on bugs made the right choice this year,” said Jim Fredericks, the Chief Entomologist & Vice President of Technical and Regulatory Affairs at the National Pest Management Association. “It probably will be a pretty buggy spring and summer.”

The National Pest Management Association recently released its “bug barometer”, and the predictions are lousy. This spring and summer, most of the continental United States (apart from the Pacific Northwest) will experience an uptick in insect numbers. In most regions, mosquitoes and ticks will emerge earlier and in greater numbers than usual. The southwest doesn’t have to deal with earlier mosquitoes, according to the barometer, but it gets to share in the nation’s bitter, buggy bounty: once the insects do emerge, they’ll be more prolific than usual.

National Pest Management Association

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